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Welcome to The Lost Shores, a supernatural/canine rp based on a unknown island near London.

London... chilly and snowy in the winter months and although warm and sometimes even hot in the summer, still far from a tropical island. Thats what a lot of people think... thats what the humans and canines of this island thought before they crashed here. No one knows how they came upon this island, but its a fact that its only a few hours (by ship) away from London, though the temperatures are dramatic, constantly changing from hot to cold and the inhabitants of this island are far from normal.

Really no one is certain where this island is, mostly everyone is unaware of its existence and all those poor souls lost here are thought to be dead, lost at sea. Of course thats only logic, but is it still logic when year after year a ship or plane wrecks after setting out, no record to be seen since they set out and no one returns? I'd say its more of those of the mainland lieing to themselves so they wouldn't risk it all just to track down this island to find out whats happening. Maybe it's better that way.
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The strong | Difficult | Violent | Unpredictable
Charlie James || A Shifter Create.php?text=Charlie%20James&name=Supernatural_Knight
   Charlie James || A Shifter Tumblr_mp1fuvD97f1sxtxu7o1_500
Character Name: Charlie James
Nickname(s): Charles, Creep, Cherry Blood
Age: 24
Birth date: October 31, 1989
Gender: Male
Species Shifter
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual, though he is quite flexible
Face Claim: Frank Iero

Charlie James || A Shifter Tumblr_mjp1fxDBr81s6onl7o1_250


    His messy black hair falls into his eyes, nearly covering one of them completely. His body is small, really small. With small shoulders and being very skinny and short Charlie looks much younger then he really is. He mainly wears long sleeved to shirts to hide the scars across his body his mother had inflicted on him though he can manage without long sleeves with the tattoos that cover nearly every inch of his arms. He has rather dark eyes, some say they are green some say they are brown so really they are more of a hazel color, sometimes brown and sometimes green.
    He often wears skeleton gloves, again to hide his scarred skin from the sight of others to avoid awkward conversations. He has a lip piercing and a very small gage in his left ear, both are more optional and he does not usually wear them. Although a lot of his wardrobe is dark clothing and he does have a darker style Frank's style isn't exactly emo and he is very deffensive about that detail as he is not emo and has never inflicted harm on himself though the cut marks all over his body make it seem that way.
    He isn't exactly a guy to wear makeup, he has been seen wearing reddish make eye make up in a sort of gothic looking way, he has also been seen in the past with black X marks over his eyes. This make up was mainly for show as he was once before in a rock band before the world went to hell, which explains the guitar he always has with him.
    Charlie has quite a bit of tattoos, as stated below most being on his arms. Starting with his hands, right above his knuckles is HALLOWEEN in a gothic red and orange font perhaps because he was born on Halloween ( http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_liizhsJ8901qctqp0.jpg ). Right bellow his knuckles, going down are the letters BOOKWORM so when put together it spells book worm ( http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_liizi3H0FH1qctqp0.jpg ). On his chest it says I Am A Graveyard and below that a quite large black piece of art consisting of what looks like a bomb, spider webs, and roses ( http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_liizidoYdR1qctqp0.jpg ). On his index finger is a rather humorous tattoo of a mustache, so when he puts his finger up to his face he has a finger mustache, this could also be because his Italian heritage ( http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_liiziomuFj1qctqp0.jpg ). On His left arm is Forever In My Heart and a picture of his two grandmothers Angelina and Lillian ( http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_liiziwwpQP1qctqp0.jpg ). Still on his left arm but down on the underside near his wrist is an anchor, standing for always anchored to home, Frankenstien, a broken heart on bobbed wire, a bloody tooth, and 'I Wish I Were a Ghost' written in red on his wrist ( http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_liizj4H9os1qctqp0.jpg ). Right on his heart is a flame with hope written under it and 'X Jamia X' written right below that ( http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_liizjcPvNm1qctqp0.jpg ). On his Left arm up near his should is F.T.W standing for Fuck The World, a cobra, and an eagle carrying a wedding ring with the lacation and day of his proposal to his wife Jamia who is now deceased ( http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_liizjlv2rG1qctqp0.jpg ). A spider web in the shape of half a heart on his left hand that says hopeless and a matching tattoo on his right hand of half a heart that says romantic ( http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_liizjtkQPL1qctqp0.jpg ). On his waist right above his pants line is 'Search and Destroy' with two doves, and two guns that rolls all the way around his waist ( http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_liizk0OJqs1qctqp0.jpg ). On his neck, right below his ear is a scorpion (  http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_liizkpOGwF1qctqp0.jpg ). Going back to his wrist, a tattoo from the past band he was saying 'Revenge' ( http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_liizl3JpLp1qctqp0.jpg ). On his left arm below his elbow is a winged virgin Mary holding a heart with five swords ( http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_liizlbWDMj1qctqp0.jpg ). On his back, near his neck is 'Keep the Faith' with a jack-o-lantern, again referring to his Halloween birthday ( http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_liizlqQYM01qctqp0.jpg ). On his right arm, is once again a jumble of several tattoos including a chainsaw, the 'Black Flag' logo, a few different sized stars and some bats, a human heart with a knife, a black rose with guns and the Japanese sun ( http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_liizmaocEh1qctqp0.jpg ). The other side of his neck opposite of the scorpion tattoo is 'Jinx removing' written on a banner wrapped around scissors ( http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_liizmhLpiu1qctqp0.jpg ). Across his left shoulder is a portait of his grandfather at a drum set with 'La Mia Familia || Mio Idolo' which means ,My Family. My Hero, in Italian ( http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_liizmxCsf41qctqp0.jpg ). Lastly, on his left hand is a heart with a arrow through it and a banner around it that says 'Jamia' and a skull right above that ( http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_liiznm06Pt1qctqp0.jpg ).'

Charlie James || A Shifter Tumblr_mjp1fxDBr81s6onl7o3_250


  • Charlie isn't good at most things, because he is destructive and ends up messing things up. People usually don't want to be around him because of this, because this trait also causes him to unintentionally hurt people around him. It's rare if anyone asks him to do anything.
  • Charlie is bubbly to put it in short. He is often wanting to play around and cheer people up despite his own mood. People often find him annoying because of this, and even if they shoo him away or snap at him he'll keep trying.
  • [Believe it or not Charlie is suffering from a huge case of depression. When someone crosses the line when they're teasing him or being mean he'll snap. Bark angrily at them but then run off somewhere to cry without anyone seeing him. It's rare to get him that angry, only when they comment on his past or his mother
  • Charlie is afraid of nearly anything. He fears going out at night because of his past and the other's whom he used to live with. It's rare that he'll come out from hiding during a fight but he will stand by the pack in the end, healing them.
  • The male is surprisingly romantic when he has feelings for someone. Though he is too shy to admit his feelings if he discovers a person he has a crush on him too he'll go beyond his limits to make them happy and try to show he likes or loves them. He'll often make a fool of himself doing this, but he doesn't care and it's usually actually romantic.
  • Surprisingly Charlie is shy. He will go up and talk to random people but he is more private then usual and can't handle telling people embarrassing things like if he has feelings for them or if he messed something up.
  • Charlie has very low self esteem. If he sees someone he likes or is in a relationship just talking friendly to someone else he'll think they're cheating on him and go sulk in a corner. This also means he's fairly needy, he hogs attention and enjoys when someone pays more attention to him then anyone else.
  • Charlie is mainly only sensitive about his past and his scars, but he does get upset easily. If you mention anything about his scars (if you happen to see one) he'll most likely lock up on you and just go silent or just shrug it off and end the conversation. Charlie crys A LOT. Most people see him as a cry baby but the way he sees it is he has every right to cry as much as he does with all the crap he's been sent through.
  • Charlie is almost always filled with anger. He manages to suppress his anger however but sometimes he has random violent streaks, where basically he'll beat the crap out of anything he can get his hands on. He gets fed up quite easily and will begin acting like a total jerk, but he will just storm away quickly after being ticked off.
  • Charlie has the bad habit of being clingy. Some people say he has no sense in personal space and he'll most likely latch to the person nearest to him if he hears something scary. He is also fairly needy, which means in a relationship he needs A LOT of attention in order for him to feel like he's not being neglected. This doesn't just go for relationships but for friends as well. This trait is half because he didn't get hardly any attention as a child so now he needs lots of it as an adult.

Charlie James || A Shifter Tumblr_mjp1fxDBr81s6onl7o6_250

Likes: Animals, music, art (mostly just simply drawing), reading, comic books, silence, rain, cold air, coffee, food, helping.
Dislikes: Heat, rude people, feeling lost, being alone, loud noises, people who think to highly of themselves, failing, being proven wrong, being ignored, alcohol.
Fears:Heights, and because he had never exactly to swim very well and he is a very poor swimmer, swimming.
Strengths: Kind, loyal, intelligent
Weaknesses: Sensitive, quiet, gets rather nervous and awkward around big groups, slight anger issues, low tolerance.

Charlie James || A Shifter Tumblr_mjp1fxDBr81s6onl7o2_250

    As a child he was often hospitalized for various reasons from his epilepsy to his various bouts of bronchitis and the abuse inflicted on him by his mother along with various ear infections and being lactose intolerant and having various other food related allergies. Because of all his health issues his mom had believed he was possessed by a demon. His mother being mentally unstable, and constantly abusing him Charlie grew up very insecure and nervous, always afraid of what people think of him. He was bullied severely in school and by his older brother Ethan, although his father did love him and treated him fairly unlike his mother Charlie's dad was just as scared of his mother as everyone else and so did nothing about the abuse. He was very depressed as a child, became a vegtarian at a young age when he learned of the cruel treatment of animals in slaughter houses and had a brother he never knew about because of his seizures blahblahblah. He had a pretty fucked up like. Some of his abuse included being cut across his back, wrists, arms, and pretty much all over his body, several burns across his spine and Charlie also has a fear of salt because his mom always believed he was possessed by a demon and so she would always surround his room in salt and make him take baths in salt water.

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Charlie James || A Shifter
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