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Welcome to The Lost Shores, a supernatural/canine rp based on a unknown island near London.

London... chilly and snowy in the winter months and although warm and sometimes even hot in the summer, still far from a tropical island. Thats what a lot of people think... thats what the humans and canines of this island thought before they crashed here. No one knows how they came upon this island, but its a fact that its only a few hours (by ship) away from London, though the temperatures are dramatic, constantly changing from hot to cold and the inhabitants of this island are far from normal.

Really no one is certain where this island is, mostly everyone is unaware of its existence and all those poor souls lost here are thought to be dead, lost at sea. Of course thats only logic, but is it still logic when year after year a ship or plane wrecks after setting out, no record to be seen since they set out and no one returns? I'd say its more of those of the mainland lieing to themselves so they wouldn't risk it all just to track down this island to find out whats happening. Maybe it's better that way.
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Jacky patillo 600full-oliver-goodwill
Character Name: Jack Patillo
Nickname(s):Jacky, jacklyn, Murro
Age:23 May 1988 (age 25)
Species: Shifter
Sexual Orientation:Bisexual
Face Claim:Oliver Goodwill

Appearance:Jacky is a 6 ft 1 narrow shoulder male with dark messy brown hair. He only styles it when he is in a good mood so it is usually unruly. It’s kept short in the summer but he lets it grow longer nearing autumn. He has unnaturally bright blue eyes that darken when he’s angry. His skin is not too pale but not too tan. He usually smiles with a lopsided smile or frowns as he dazes off. Jack can be found wearing nicely fitting black tee shirts with faded loose blue jeans that have a few holes. Jack has a few scars along his wrist and shoulders with a dancing wolf and tiger tattoo on his left shoulder blade.

    At least 100 words

Personality: Jack is an interesting fellow for most of the time you might see him arguing with himself, he has two personalities. Half the time he believes he’s a woman and gets very frustrated when told otherwise. He believes his name is jacklyn half time while the other jack, when he’s jack he gets confused on why people treat him like a woman. Jack is usually to himself since he has all the people he needs in his head. He loves to eat so most of the time he could be seen sitting in the shade munching on fish or some kind of meat (Rabbit maybe?) He has small periods of times where he goes berserk and wants nothing more than to rip out the nearest person’s throat. He also might have a ‘colorful vocabulary’.

    At least 200 words

Likes:Jack finds daisies interesting but there no where as elegant as roses. He usually smiles off as he gazes up at the sky. He loves the thought of time passing, he watches and counts each cloud maybe a bug or two. He also enjoys seeing stars; he’s always wanted to see a shooting star. He usually pouts when he’s disappointed when he heads to bed. He likes man y varieties of meats ranging from pork to chicken; he finds fish ok but not as good as goat or cow. He also enjoys seeing people smile, it shows him that there content or satisfied and he won’t have to go out of his way to please them. He likes to lay back and relax while sitting under the sun to sleep.  Jacklyn always scolds him though; she doesn’t want her skin to be burnt so he usually finds some shade.  He also enjoys swimming, not the sport but the way the water flows over him making him feel free of everything. He likes to collect bird feathers whenever he’s not hunting or sleeping, he keeps them in a neat collection next to his sleeping place. He likes minimal company where its usually quiet so nothing drowns out the voice that always praises him. List at least 5
Dislikes:Jack dislikes storm clouds since they cover up the beautiful blue sky or the dazzling stars. He doesn’t like when people think for themselves or don’t share food with him. He dislikes when his sisters voice leaves him for long periods of times so he’ll call out for her till she returns. Jack also dislikes cobwebs, he’s okay with the spider he just doesn’t like it getting in the way or how it feels against his skin. He doesn’t like yelling or having to repeat himself nor does he not like being ignored. He dislikes when he has to step in grass or how others treat the wildlife, the way they break branches or destroy another animal’s home. He dislikes being talked down to and being mistreated. Jack dislikes the small amount of food they have and he doesn’t very much like labor. Jack dislikes whenever something gets entangled in his hair like leaves and small sticks or dirt and mud. Jack dislikes that he is no longer able to have coffee or steak. Jack dislikes when there are too many people close to him or when he gets stuck which is quite often. He dislikes feeling weak or short. List at least 5
Fears:Jack fears that he’ll lose his sister and he’ll be all alone stuck in the dark. He sometimes fears that when he goes to sleep she’ll be gone when he awakes. He fears that because of how he acts no one will ever love him. He’s afraid that he’ll injure his future friend or lover. Jack fears crowds but he’s afraid or being left behind so sometimes he forces himself to stand out. He’s afraid that he’ll be over bearing with his personality.  Jack fears he’ll starve and never have the chance of eating a large amount of food. He’s afraid of lack of sleep. He’s afraid of heights and drowning. He’s afraid of getting lost. List at least 2
Strengths:Jack’s strength his he’s a good hunter, he spends a lot of time tracking or making little hunting knives or bow and arrows. He even took time to learn the ropes of net fishing or spear fishing. In order to prevent himself or anyone else from starving he spends most of his alone time in the woods or the water. He disappears for many hours a day to retrieve or make count of the prey in the area. If only he didn’t burn the food. He spends a lot of time listening so he knows what their low on, he has great hearing and eye sight. Which helps him find food quicker, he’s not exactly the fastest runner but he sure isn’t the slowest. List at least 3
Weaknesses:Jack can be weak most of the time, he’s flimsy when it comes to fighting but he try’s his best to get stronger. He sometimes forgets to think before he responds which might be offensive. And then there’s his sister side where she gets squeamish around odd goo or guts. He has a small problem when seeing blood for it reminds him of his sister’s death. He usually passes out or has terrible night mares which causes him to be sluggish or just plain tired of life.List at least 3

History: Jacks past is quite sketchy no he never had been beaten by his parents or friends in fact he never knew his parents. All he had was his sister and that was all he needed. He had been the most outgoing person, always being first int he spot light, he always talked the loudest. Anything to make his dear little sister smile. But one day all that changed. It was a cold autumn day, jack and his sister jacklyn had been on there way home, it was late and jack wanted nothing more than to get home quick so instead of taking the route on the beach he went through the forest.Looking in the dark were shifters. They had watched the two human children with wild eyes. They weren't really sane nor did they know they were humans anymore. All they saw were either prey or threats in there territory. And in there frenzy they attacked. They tore the throat out of the girl after they thought her wail of pain to be hurtful to there ears. They bit the boys' shoulders and waist but the smell of blood and the sounds seemed to bring them back to what they had done. In there horror they fled leaving the bloodied weeping boy to cradle his sister. That night as he cried beneath the stars he told himself she wasn't gone. She would always be with him. He wished and wished for her to return. But black claimed his vision and he withed in a fiery pain. He awoke with the pale and motionless body of what used to be jacklyn and they were surrounded by other people. He felt odd, empty, alone, he wanted nothing more than to cry some more and hold onto his sister. But it was too late they were taking her away. Away from him. Shaking with anger he snapped, most of the people scrambled in panic while the young one took his anger out of the poor person who didn't think much of removing a dead body. With each swipe he envisioned it to be the person who took the life of his sister.

It had been two years later when her sweet voice had returned, he basked in it, he allowed her freedom as she did the usual of what she wanted to do while he rested his mind.

    If your character's history is incomplete put WIP, if your character's history is not worth sharing just put N/A.

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