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Welcome to The Lost Shores, a supernatural/canine rp based on a unknown island near London.

London... chilly and snowy in the winter months and although warm and sometimes even hot in the summer, still far from a tropical island. Thats what a lot of people think... thats what the humans and canines of this island thought before they crashed here. No one knows how they came upon this island, but its a fact that its only a few hours (by ship) away from London, though the temperatures are dramatic, constantly changing from hot to cold and the inhabitants of this island are far from normal.

Really no one is certain where this island is, mostly everyone is unaware of its existence and all those poor souls lost here are thought to be dead, lost at sea. Of course thats only logic, but is it still logic when year after year a ship or plane wrecks after setting out, no record to be seen since they set out and no one returns? I'd say its more of those of the mainland lieing to themselves so they wouldn't risk it all just to track down this island to find out whats happening. Maybe it's better that way.
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P H O E N I X Tumblr_mpc6ujkC3E1s85vqio1_500
Character Name:
Phoenix Mullen
Phoe, Phoephoe, nix
Sexual Orientation:
Mostly Heterosexual
Face Claim:
Gerard Way

Phoenix’s most noticeable feature are his eyes. With fading hues and bright colors his eyes are a mix of red and orange giving them a fire like quality. This feature of his is one of the main reasons he is named Phoenix. He has long black messy hair that he never bothers to do so its usually falling in his eyes or sticking up. Phoenix wears black t shirts and ripped up jeans you wont catch him wearing anything fancy. Overall Phoenix’s appearance was never something he thought much about therefore giving him a messy appearance.
Tentative- Phoenix isn’t a very confident guy so don’t expect him to be challenging you to a fight or trash talking your ass.
Quiet- Unless he is comfortable with you Phoenix won’t be talking your ear off. He likes to stay quiet but he will voice his opinion. And just because I say he is quiet doesn’t mean he is the type that just sits in the corner and does nothing. He will talk if you talk to him he just doesn’t like to say unnecessary things. And who knows maybe he will change.
Stubborn- Don’t get me wrong, Phoe might be quiet and tentative but if he doesn’t want to do something he won’t do it. He kinda got that way after he finally got away from his dad.
Adaptable- Phoenix has never had much so he is able to find use out of nothing.
Honest- No matter how hard he tries, Phoe has never been a good liar. He just isn’t.
Tolerance- Phoenix doesn’t judge anyone right off the bat because he knows he has probably been there before. So unless you’re a total jerk he will most likely accept you.

Likes: Rain, cold weather, night, choosing his own way, red, animals.
Dislikes: Alcohol, bugs, parents, jerks, darkness
Fears: Drunk people, Being abandoned.
Strengths: Pays attention to details, listens, smart
Weaknesses: Quiet, pushover, doesn’t trust a lot of people.
P H O E N I X Gerard-way--large-msg-122719328828

Phoenix had a normal childhood up until he was around 11 years old. His mom was driving home from work and she got into a car crash and died. Something happened to his father after that. His father slowly turned into a grieving lump. He wouldn’t go to work, he wouldn’t cook food, he wouldn’t support his sons in anything. Phoenix’s older brother, Serge, got a job to support the family but one night he came home late. Phoenix’s dad got angry and hit Serge sending him flying into the glass door. That was sadly just the beginning. After the Serge incident there wasn’t a time you would find Phoe’s dad sober. Eventually his dad would give him beatings daily and Phoe did nothing.
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