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Welcome to The Lost Shores, a supernatural/canine rp based on a unknown island near London.

London... chilly and snowy in the winter months and although warm and sometimes even hot in the summer, still far from a tropical island. Thats what a lot of people think... thats what the humans and canines of this island thought before they crashed here. No one knows how they came upon this island, but its a fact that its only a few hours (by ship) away from London, though the temperatures are dramatic, constantly changing from hot to cold and the inhabitants of this island are far from normal.

Really no one is certain where this island is, mostly everyone is unaware of its existence and all those poor souls lost here are thought to be dead, lost at sea. Of course thats only logic, but is it still logic when year after year a ship or plane wrecks after setting out, no record to be seen since they set out and no one returns? I'd say its more of those of the mainland lieing to themselves so they wouldn't risk it all just to track down this island to find out whats happening. Maybe it's better that way.
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PostSubject: ||Vekpo|| WIP   ||Vekpo|| WIP EmptyMon Jul 15, 2013 4:47 am

||Vekpo|| WIP Nialov10


Must've been out of his mind...

||The Basics||

Name: Vekpo (Julia Robinson)
Nickname: Vek
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Species: Necromancer
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Face Claim: Nia Lovelis
Theme Song:The Bird and The Worm by The Used

||Vekpo|| WIP Nialov11

Alll he knows, is if he can't relieve it, it grows...

||Physical Description||

Physical Description:Vekpo is average in height, with a small and skinny stature, her specialty being neither brawn nor speed. Her hair is a bright, unnatural, electric red trimmed to about her shoulders in length. Her eyes are two different colors, her left one is an average sea blue, and the right is a dark brown.  Her style of clothing is anything generally punk and dark in color, contrary to her hair color. She wears the talisman of a rabbit's foot around her neck on a silver necklace chain. Her familiar, a sable colored weasel named Ron, is always with her.

||Vekpo|| WIP Nialov10

All alone he turns to stone...

||Mental Description||

Personality: Vekpo's main issue is kleptomania, which is a mental disorder that causes to steal things, whether or not she wants to. She is a generally sly and clever being, which is attributed to her mental state, making her quite the thief. If she is told to steal something within her mind, if she does not steal it, she will have a mental breakdown until it is stolen, or something similar to it is. She is a huge pack rat, and has kept anything she has stolen, which makes her seem quite unorganized, but contrary to this, she can have some obsessive compulsive disorder moments. Due to the fact that she is a necromancer, she will show no mercy for things that she needs, and is not afraid to take things that are vital without asking. Vekpo is very superstitious, and believes in most, if not all, superstitious, and wears a rabbit's foot as a good luck talisman. Vekpo is not very friendly either, and prefers the company of her familiar to anyone else.
Likes: Organization, solitude, her familiar Ron, peanut butter, and shiny things.
Dislikes: Disorganization, company, not getting what she wants, confinement.
Weaknesses:Vekpo is not very strong or quick, and has the tendency to be very headstrong, and stubborn, and a terrible listener.
Strengths: Despite her lack of physical attributes, Vekpo is very intelligent and clever, and has a great memory, and is very determined.
History: Vekpo's original name was Julia Robinson, but changed it when she was 18 years old. Julia Robinson lived in a small town in New York with her mom, dad, and sister Victoria. Julia was a bright child, and had always been crippled with kleptomania. Her parents pretty much denied the fact that something was wrong with their daughter. As a teen she stole cars, smoked, and drank. After coming out of the closet to her homophobic parents, who were very against her choices, she turned to the art of black magic to comfort herself.  As soon as she turned 18, she boarded a plane to London, which therefore crashed on the island. She has been stranded for two years upon the island. ((WIP I was just paraphrasing))

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