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Welcome to The Lost Shores, a supernatural/canine rp based on a unknown island near London.

London... chilly and snowy in the winter months and although warm and sometimes even hot in the summer, still far from a tropical island. Thats what a lot of people think... thats what the humans and canines of this island thought before they crashed here. No one knows how they came upon this island, but its a fact that its only a few hours (by ship) away from London, though the temperatures are dramatic, constantly changing from hot to cold and the inhabitants of this island are far from normal.

Really no one is certain where this island is, mostly everyone is unaware of its existence and all those poor souls lost here are thought to be dead, lost at sea. Of course thats only logic, but is it still logic when year after year a ship or plane wrecks after setting out, no record to be seen since they set out and no one returns? I'd say its more of those of the mainland lieing to themselves so they wouldn't risk it all just to track down this island to find out whats happening. Maybe it's better that way.
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PostSubject: Samantha "Spider" Colt WIP   Samantha "Spider" Colt WIP EmptyFri Aug 23, 2013 8:46 pm

Samantha "Spider" Colt WIP Spider10

Name: Samantha Colt
Nickname(s): Spider, she really only responds to it
Age: 25 years old (when she died)
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Species: Spirit
Face Claim: Hayley Williams

Samantha "Spider" Colt WIP Spider11

Physical Description: Spider is a generally short woman, being 5'2'' tall. Her body is slightly disproportionate, her legs slightly longer than her upper torso, thus earning her nickname. Her hair is a bright orange-red shade, cut to about shoulder length and styled in side swept bangs. Her eyes are a crisp, greenish hazel. She has 8 tattoos, shown here: http://p.twimg.com/AsPvCmgCAAEbH2F.jpg:large (thanks Roc c;) Her style varies from monotones to bright colors, making her choice in wardrobe quite large. Her clothing is usually quite simple: a jacket, a shirt, a pair of converse and a pair of jeans. The only prominent scar is a crescent shape on her left forearm, resembling the top and bottom row of human teeth.

Samantha "Spider" Colt WIP Spider12

Personality: Those who may have known Spider in the past found that she was a average, calm and a worry-wart. She is now almost completely opposite of her old self. Spider is very talkative and rambles, usually about an unknown person by the name of 'Holster' or some sort of wolf pack. She tends to talk about nonsensical things, becoming more or so the village idiot. This makes her very scatterbrained. She is very spazzy and overly energetic, constantly on the move some how or in some way. Spider is lazy and tends to procrastinate, a lot, or just not do what she is told to do at all. She likes to talk to people, who ever it may be at what ever given time, always feeling as if she has to 'connect' with someone and talk to them about something, even if it only makes sense to her. Spider has the habit of mixing up words in a sentence when she speaks, which often frustrates her majorly. Spider often forgets she is a spirit, and talks as if she is still alive, remembering that she has passed away some how. She often conflicts herself, and hates to see the dead bodies or anything, and hates killing anything. That being said, she does not use her species' powers very often, if not at all. She tends to get hurt when whoever, or what ever, she is talking to doesn't reply. Therefore, it can be very easy to make friends with her and very easy to be enemies with her. She is basically a contradiction within herself.
Likes: Wolves, 'Holster', talking to others.
Dislikes: Zombies, dead things, killing things, people who ignore her.
Fears: Zombies, anything undead.  
Strengths: Friendly, mostly passive.
Weaknesses: Spazzy, scatterbrained, hard for her to focus, tends to have issues communicating.
History: Spider lived in a small house in Arizona with her parents and older brother, Gabriel . Spider's parents were not friendly human beings. They argued, they fought, they drank, they cheated on each other. Each parent was equally as terrible as the other. Cut off from the rest of their dysfunctional family, Spider and Gabriel found sanctuary in each other's company, Gabriel raising his little sister as best as he could. On the day that Gabriel turned 18, he took custody of Spider, who was 8 at the time, and attempted to raise her to the best of his ability. He bought an apartment in Arizona a few cities away from their parents, and worked many odds and ends jobs so he could put a meal on the table for Spider. When Spider could, she made money in anyway possible, and gave it to Gabriel to support them. For some undetermined reason, Spider murdered Gabriel.(WIP how she killed him and why.) It was only a matter of time before she was caught. At 17 she was sentenced to life in prison. She made frequent attempts to escape, all to no avail, and stayed at the prison until the age of 24. As her attempts got more and more daring and desperate, it was decided that she would be transported to a more high security prison overseas. As fate would have it, her plane crashed on the island, along with a group of survivors. There, she met various people that changed her life, along with odd occurrences and near death experiences until the day of her death for one year. Zombies had flooded the island and attacked the survivors. Spider had been bitten foraging for food, slowly transforming into an undead creature. Spider was shot by one of the survivors, and was brought back by another odd occurrence of the island.
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